1. mitchkatkel:

    I’m pretty sure Ben is part otter!


  2. gershwinning:

    NEVER mess with a hedgehog.

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    watson taking a bath 


    watson shopping


    watson trying to get out of a taxi


    watson asking Sherlock for help when messing with something he shouldn’t have


    watson face planting 


    watson trying to build something


    watson being a pretty princess


    watson  exercising


    watson trying out being gay before telling Sherlock he has feelings for him


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  4. ilonasaurus:

    Our boys back together. The Hedgehog and the Otter.

    Making of here and prints available here!

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  5. pure-purgatory:

    Ok, since Martin Freeman definitely has a Tumblr, I’m asking you to find him or just…

    C’mon, Martin! Don’t be shy.

    We have a milk and cookies for you.


    feel seduced

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    What the fuck is wrong with this website

    absolutely nothing

    Its flawless

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  10. pattroughton:

    Q&A in Rio [x]


  11. Anonym sagte: Reminds me of something I saw where someone said the actors and the writers have poor communication with each other, and that's true, but the blame falls on the writers. Just off the top of my head, I think of Seth being dismissed whenever he went to the writers with ideas for Deaton's background, Hoechlin being informed on Paige at the last minute, Dylan having to refuse to film the sex scene in Eichen House, and also Holland voicing her frustrations at that con and asking fans to help—


    —, and that quote from Ryan, and it’s dumb. The actors shouldn’t have to be coming up with all these headcanons for their characters and stories just so the actors can make sense of what they’re doing. And the writers don’t listen to the actors because “it’s a werewolf show, guys, just do it.”

    yuuuuuuup. it’s a big wreck.


  12. I want you to be honest with me. Absolutely and completely honest.

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  13. "If I see one more gun..."

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  15. torple:

    But when I came through it, I learned something else: Control is overrated. 

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